NFFS Air Sampling Equipment program provides FREE rentals for members

Posted By: Erin Russell Health & Safety, NFFS,

air sampling equipmentAir sampling of employee exposure to airborne contaminants is a common OSHA-required activity in non-ferrous foundries, and NFFS encourages foundries to do their own air sampling in order to reduce costs and ensure the accuracy of the resulting data.

Foundries conduct air sampling for airborne contaminants such as silica, respirable and total dust, lead and other metals. Specialized equipment is required to meet OSHA sampling methodology, such as calibrated air pumps, sampling trains, and flow meters. The foundry also needs to identify a properly accredited lab that is capable of conducting the multiple different types of analytical analysis, including x-ray diffraction analysis, to generate the sampling results for the foundry. 

Sampling equipment can be expensive to purchase and time consuming to maintain. Many foundries often times look to rent equipment from vendors, though vendors willing to rent equipment can sometimes be difficult to locate. Further, there are a limited number of labs with the necessary accreditations to perform the sampling analysis. 

In response, NFFS created the Air Sampling Equipment Program. As part of the program, NFFS members receive complimentary access to air sampling equipment and technical support via phone or email. Members also receive a 15% discount on analytical services performed by Analytics Corporation, as well as the ability to purchase pre-weighed Parallel Particulate Impactor samplers (PPI) during program enrollment. This allows members to begin air sampling immediately upon receipt of the equipment and samplers. 

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