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As part of its Integrated Casting Order Network (ICON) program, the Non-Ferrous Founders' Society has designed a cutting-edge web-based search tool to locate and provide historical details about existing foundry tooling. This Tooling Search feature is designed to help procurement and foundry industry professionals efficiently locate a wide range of foundry tooling and casting suppliers. Its intuitive and powerful search engine allows users to effortlessly navigate through an extensive database of foundry tooling, resulting in the name of the supplier by location with the tooling and the capability to manufacture the part(s). home screen

The Tooling Search tool, available in the online ICON portal at, offers an array of features that streamline the search process and enhance the overall user experience. Its intuitive interface and powerful search functionality allow users to effortlessly navigate through an extensive database of foundry tooling, enabling them to quickly locate the specific items and suppliers with the tooling and capability to manufacture those parts.

Screen capture of the Tooling Search tool in ICON

Comprehensive and detailed information is provided for each listing in the tooling locator. Users have the flexibility to search by various criteria such as finished part number, part description, national stock number, and more. The search results display comprehensive descriptions, specifications, and company contact information for each record, empowering users to make well-informed decisions about suppliers for their metal casting needs while saving valuable time and effort.

Screen capture of a tooling search result in the ICON portal

The foundry tooling locator also encourages collaboration within the foundry industry by enabling users to contribute their own tooling listings. Manufacturers, suppliers, and individual craftsmen can showcase their products through the platform, expanding their reach and connecting with potential customers.

Screen capture of the tooling management tool

You must create an ICON account to use the tooling and supplier databases. This is a separate account from your account at To create an account, go to and choose REGISTER. If you are the first user from your company, you should register as an organization. If your company is already registered in ICON, simply register as an Industry User. 

Screen capture of ICON registration screen

If you need have questions about ICON and the tooling locator, or if you need assistance registering, contact ICON Support at

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