Foundry Safety Audit Program

Inspector in hardhat writing on clipboardThe Non-Ferrous Founders' Society (NFFS) is pleased to announce the return of its Foundry Safety Audit Program, available exclusively to NFFS members. The goal of this program is to provide independent review of a foundry’s safety and health efforts against OSHA requirements and enforcement programs. It offers NFFS members the opportunity to participate in an actual in-plant mock OSHA safety audit to ensure their foundry is compliant with the regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Martha Guimond HeadshotAs part of this program, NFFS members will undergo a detailed safety assessment conducted by our own industry experts. The program aims to provide a comprehensive evaluation of occupational safety and health policies, programs, and practices, fostering a safer work environment for all employees. Our primary auditor is Martha Guimond, well known to NFFS member foundries as an industry expert and for providing practical and no-nonsense advice regarding OSHA compliance strategies.

For an overview of the Safety Audit Program, watch the following introductory webinar presented by NFFS Executive Director Jerrod Weaver (approx. 19 minutes):

Overview of the Foundry Safety Audit Program

While no two foundry’s operations are identical, the typical NFFS safety audit will include a review of the following elements of an effective OSH program:

  • A review of the organization’s OSH policies and written programs versus the requirements found within the 29CFR1910 regulations and letters of interpretation;
  • A review of employee training programs and record sets to ensure training programs and records are up to date and properly documented;
  • A review of compliance/enforcement of OSH policy within the facility ensuring employees are following the management directed safety and health policy and procedures in the foundry;
  • A walk-through of the office and manufacturing areas to identify potential hazards and verify the effective implementation of all required programs within the foundry, and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Upon enrollment, members will receive a list of written programs and record sets that will be inspected  during the visit. This information should be made available at the beginning of the assessment to ensure the required programs and records are properly documented and maintained. Participants also receive a copy of the audit inspection checklist used by the inspectors to ensure transparency and consistency during the audit and facility walk through.

Safety Audit Checklist Free PDF Template | Weever

A partial list of the information reviewed during the NFFS Safety audit includes:

  • Recordkeeping: Evaluation of recordkeeping for Hearing Conservation, Hazard Communication, Medical Access, Emergency Evacuation, Lockout/Tagout, Confined Spaces, Electrical Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, OSHA 300 logs and more;
  • Medical surveillance requirements: Review of medical surveillance requirements for programs such as Hearing Conservation, Respiratory Protection Programs, Lead, and Silica, among others;
  • Evaluation of all required written programs to ensure written documentation complies with OSHA requirements;

Based upon the results of the in-plant inspection, NFFS will provide a written report (upon request) detailing any significant deviations from 29CFR1910 regulations as well as opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the foundry’s safety and health programs. NFFS will provide personalized support and assistance to help the foundry address any identified concerns.

The NFFS Foundry Safety Audit Program provides foundries with the most comprehensive safety and health program review available from a third party. Our industry experts have more than 30 years of in foundry experience in applying OSHA policy and procedure. More importantly the program is backed by NFFS, the industry leader in assisting foundries with compliance with OSHA regulations. Members know that they can trust NFFS to help them lead health and safety efforts in their foundries.

The audit process can normally be completed in one day at most foundries. Larger facilities may require a second day depending on complexity and facility materials and process capabilities. Contact NFFS for an estimate of expense.

The Foundry Safety Audit Program is just one more example of how NFFS helps its members provide safe and healthy work environments for our industry’s workers, and underscores our commitment to workplace safety. By providing a robust safety audit program, NFFS aims to create safer work environments, protect employee’s well-being, and ensure compliance with Federal and State OSHA standards.

For additional information, contact NFFS Executive Director Jerrod Weaver