APPI Energy

NFFS has endorsed APPI Energy to provide data-driven, holistic energy management services and custom solutions for NFFS members. APPI brings 25 years of experience, along with an extensive database of daily supplier prices, allowing them to provide you with historical and real-time data. As part of your membership benefit, APPI Energy is available to analyze your energy usage, evaluate your energy bill, deliver a green-apples-to-green-apples comparison of supplier prices and contracts, and negotiate a supply solution tailored to your budgetary needs and sustainability goals.

Operating on a foundation of data-driven consulting solutions, designed to help you save time, money, and minimize budgetary risk on the energy procurement process, APPI Energy is unbiased, working with only the most trusted, heavily-vetted suppliers. Additionally, APPI Energy offers a full suite of energy management solutions to reduce demand, reduce costs, and increase sustainability. As a true extension of your team, APPI Energy provides holistic, tailored solutions that help you set and meet your energy goals while reducing overall energy costs. APPI Energy is here as a true extension of your team. 

To take advantage of this membership benefit program and to receive your complimentary assessment at no upfront cost or obligation to you, contact Drew Pangborn at or 667.330.1164. 

APPI Energy's Top 5 Differentiators

"All Things Energy" Webinar for NFFS Members

Learn how energy procurement can help to reduce expenses and create budget certainty,  how to incorporate energy efficiency programs with potentially no capital expenditures or upfront cost. This 30-minute webinar presents options for sourcing supply, provides opportunities to improve sustainability, and shares insights regarding energy markets and timing of decisions. 

Our Procurement Process is Effective

1. Evaluate energy needs 
2. Analyze energy usage 
3. Vet suppliers
4. Compare pricing accounts
5. Negotiate contracts 
6. Transition new services
7. Maintain customer service excellence
8. Monitor the market
9. Identify future solutions

APPI Energy's Procurement Process

APPI Energy Only Works with Trusted Suppliers

APPI ENERGY maintains a working relationship with 41 suppliers whom we trust to meet our clients' energy needs.

  • There are 300 possible suppliers in market.
  • 117 suppliers were researched by APPI Energy Corporate Counsel.
  • 41 suppliers are APPI Energy approved. Less than 12% of suppliers meet our stringent, due diligence evaluation.

Our depth of supplier research includes review of financial stability, billing accuracy, customer service and resolution timing, management experience, and contract terms & conditions.

Our Customer Solutions Make Sense
  • We verify bill accuracy and resolve billing errors and credit issues. During the last year, APPI Energy resolved 519 customer service cases.
  • We evaluate local utility and government policies for financial incentives and reimbursements that save you money.
  • We assist with account adjustments, including adding or dropping meters, to ensure a smooth transition.
  • We interact on your behalf with utilities and suppliers.
  • We determine if you qualify for energy sales tax exemptions and manage reimbursements at no cost to you.

What to Expect from an Energy Procurement Consultation

"APPI Energy helped us complete an energy efficiency retrofit project that did not require any out-of-pocket costs. Making apples to apples price comparisons, and forcing suppliers to compete for our business, our company was able to make the most informed buying decision."      - Stan Bass, President, Fort Worth Aluminum Foundry