NFFS publishes new TRI reporting tool

Posted By: Jerrod Weaver Health & Safety, NFFS,

The Non-Ferrous Founders' Society has announced the publication of a new TRI Reporting Threshold Calculator designed to assist our member aluminum and copper foundries with determining their obligation to file a TRI report. The reports, due July 1, must be filed by foundries that exceed the reporting thresholds for each of the Section 313 reportable metals (chromium, copper, lead, manganese, nickel and elemental zinc). Determining if your foundry exceeds the reporting thresholds (different for aluminum and copper foundries) requires analysis of the volumes of each alloy cast, and their average concentration of reportable metals within those alloys. 

The NFFS TRI Reporting Threshold Calculator makes this detailed analysis a snap! The tool includes separate worksheets for aluminum and copper alloys, and includes instructions and guidance for performing the required analysis. The result is a clearly defined record set that provides analysis and justification for the numbers contained within your reports. Note: You must log in to your NFFS member account to access the Calculator.

And as always, personalized assistance in determining your obligation to file and creating the required filing is available to NFFS members, typically at no cost! Contact NFFS for assistance or additional information.