Learn more about ICON at Metalcasting Congress

Posted By: Erin Russell Industry, NFFS,

ICON logoOn April 26, 2023, at 9:15 a.m., Non-Ferrous Founders' Society Program Manager Sheila Rayburn will present to attendees of the American Foundry Society's 2023 Metalcasting Congress under the Marketing track. The presentation will cover the Society's Integrated Casting Order Network (ICON), a web-based resource facilitates the procurement process for cast parts for the U.S. military and drives business opportunities into U.S. foundries and machine shops. The presentation will include an explanation of the ICON program's purpose and goals, the technology behind the program, and how foundries can register to participate in the program. For more information about ICON, visit www.nffs.org/ICON.

Since 2018, 15,693 contracts worth $342 million were awarded to foundries and machine shops who use ICON to identify business opportunities. In 2020, the ICON program staff was chosen by the Defense Logistics Agency to receive the prestigious Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award (DMTAA). The competitive award recognizes individuals from government, industry and academia for remarkable technical accomplishments in projects that advance the vision of the Department of Defense (DoD) Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Program to achieve a responsive, world-class manufacturing capability to affordably and rapidly meet warfighter needs. 

For more information about ICON and to view a video featuring ICON participant Mike Chiero, CEO of the Valor Group LLC, go to www.nffs.org/ICON.

To register to participate in the ICON program and begin receiving daily notifications about government solicitations for castings that meet your foundry's capabilities, go to icon.nffs.org.