The July 2023 NFFS Economic Advisor is now available

Posted By: Erin Russell Economics, NFFS,

economic chart

The July 2023 NFFS Economic Advisor is now available for NFFS members.


The NFFS Economic Advisor provides economic data that is sourced and compiled on a monthly basis by ITR Economics for members of NFFS. It provides leading indicator trend data and relevant economic news to assist foundries with their internal economic analyses and business planning.

In this issue:
  • Macroeconomic Outlook: "The industrial sector, business-to-business spending, and US Total Retail Sales are either at or near record highs but are slowing in their pace of rise...”
  • Leading Indicator Snapshot: " The ITR Leading Indicator™ rose for the fourth consecutive month in June..."
  • Manufacturing Industry Analysis: "US Total Manufacturing Production in the 12 months through June was up 0.8% from the year-ago level..."
  • A Closer Look: The US Economy: "The manufacturing recession is here..."
  • And more!