Chemetco Working Group Uncovers Additional Shipments to Superfund site

Posted By: Jerrod Weaver Industry,

Chemetco Employee Parking sign on old Chemetco siteIn a recent development, the Non-Ferrous Founders' Society (NFFS) has received exclusive information revealing significant findings from the Chemetco PRP working group. Through internal sources, NFFS has obtained a series of letters addressing additional shipments to the Chemetco site, some dating as far back as 1993, that has been sent to members of the working group. These letters, indicating increased shipment volumes beyond previously identified levels, have triggered the reopening of settlement agreements for certain firms involved.

The Chemetco group remains committed to their ongoing efforts in retrieving data from the historical accounting records stored on the Chemetco, Inc. Wang computer tapes. As a result, it is highly likely that other members within the Chemetco PRP working group will receive similar letters, notifying them of the reopener provisions activated within their own settlement agreements.

The NFFS Government Affairs Committee will continue to track developments with regards to the ongoing efforts of the Chemetco PRP working group to retrieve additional shipment data from the Chemetco Wang computer tapes and its implications for settlement agreements for members of the PRP working group.


About the Chemetco Superfund Site and the PRP working group:

The Chemetco Superfund PRP (Potentially Responsible Party) Working Group is a collaborative organization composed of parties responsible for the contamination and cleanup of the Chemetco site. The Chemetco facility, located in Hartford, Illinois, was involved in the recycling and recovery of metals and other materials. However, improper practices led to significant environmental contamination, resulting in its designation as a Superfund site by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The PRP Working Group consists of various entities, including former owners and operators of the facility, government agencies, and potentially responsible parties. The purpose of the group is to collectively address the environmental issues associated with the site and collaborate on the cleanup efforts as required by the EPA.

The Chemetco Superfund PRP Working Group works together to develop and implement strategies for remediation, assess the extent of the contamination, and allocate responsibility and funding for the cleanup activities. The group's ultimate goal is to restore the Chemetco site to a safe and environmentally sound condition while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

By pooling their resources, expertise, and efforts, the Chemetco Superfund PRP Working Group aims to expedite the cleanup process, protect public health and the environment, and fulfill their obligations as responsible parties.