Yellow ceases operations, NFFS directs members to shipping partner TForce Worldwide

Posted By: Jerrod Weaver Industry, NFFS,

Yellow logoIn a sudden turn of events, Yellow, a long-standing and well-respected freight company that has been in operation since 1924, has announced that it will permanently cease all operations as a direct consequence of filing for bankruptcy protection on July 25, 2023.

The bankruptcy filing was an effort by Yellow to address its mounting financial challenges. However, despite its best efforts, the company ultimately determined that it could no longer sustain its business operations, leading to the difficult decision to shut down completely.

The news of Yellow's shutdown has sent ripples of concern among NFFS members who participated in the Society’s Yellow member discount program, a loyalty program that had provided exclusive benefits and shipping discounts to NFFS members. With the company's closure, the NFFS Yellow program itself will also come to an end. Members who have been part of the program for years will no longer be able to access its benefits, marking the end of an era for loyal customers who have relied on Yellow's services.

For members of the Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society (NFFS), there is some positive news amidst the unfortunate situation. The TForce World Wide (TFWW) Shipping Services program remains available to assist NFFS members with finding alternative shipping solutions after Yellow's closure and ensure minimal disruption to their supply chains.

TFWW connect The TFWW shipping program is well-known for its competitive rates, extensive global network, and reliable services. NFFS members can access shipping options that will support their business continuity during this challenging period by comparing LTL shipping rates with over 70 providers in a single, easy to use interface.

Customers and partners who have been connected with Yellow during its years of operation are encouraged to seek out new partnerships, such as with TFWW, to meet their needs. The closure of Yellow undoubtedly leaves a void in the market, but it also presents an opportunity for industry players to innovate and adapt to changing demands.

For more information on the shutdown of Yellow, the implications for the Yellow membership discount program, and the availability of the TFWW shipping program to NFFS members, customers and partners are advised to follow official announcements from Yellow and NFFS.

Disclaimer: The article provides general information about Yellow's decision to shut down as a result of bankruptcy, the implications for the Yellow member discount program, and the availability of the TFWW Shipping Services program to NFFS members. Specific details and queries should be directed to official statements from Yellow and NFFS.