Expanded member benefit: NFFS Economics Portal

Posted By: Jerrod Weaver Economics, NFFS,

The Non-Ferrous Founders' Society (NFFS) is proud to announce that effective immediately, NFFS members can enjoy complimentary access to the ITR Economics Portal for NFFS Members, an all-in-one platform that provides a wealth of economic insights and invaluable resources to help members navigate the ever-changing business landscape.

Access to Monthly NFFS Economic Advisor Archives

One of the standout features of the new Economics Portal is the availability of the NFFS Economic Advisor archives. This comprehensive publication offers in-depth analysis of economic trends and indicators that significantly impact the non-ferrous foundry industry. With the ability to access historical data, past analyses, and expert commentary dating back several months, NFFS members can now gain crucial historical perspective on economic developments and their effects on the industry.

Unveiling ITR Economics' Methodology

Home - ITR Economics

ITR Economics is renowned for its accurate forecasting and insightful economic analysis. At ITR, their proprietary business cycle theory, rates-of-change, and leading indicators are the bedrock of their services. With the Economics Portal, NFFS members can now dive deep into the underlying principles that drive ITR's forecasting expertise, gaining unique insights into the economic forces influencing market fluctuations and industry dynamics.

Expert Blogs and TrendsTalk Podcast

TrendsTalk - ITR Economics Keeping abreast of current economic trends is vital for businesses to make informed decisions. The NFFS Economics Portal offers expert blogs authored by the ITR Economics team, providing valuable information and insights to steer businesses forward confidently. Moreover, NFFS members can tune in to TrendsTalk, a weekly podcast-style show that delves into topical market- and industry-specific topics, offering actionable advice to navigate the complex economic landscape.

Additional Resources for Informed Decision-Making

The NFFS Economics Portal offers a suite of additional resources to empower NFFS members with the knowledge needed to plan and strategize effectively:

  • ITR Economics' Proven Process: Learn about the methodologies and techniques that have garnered ITR Economics its reputation for excellence in economic forecasting.
  • 2030s Great Depression: Understand potential economic scenarios and implications for your business's future planning.
  • Sales Forecasting: Leverage valuable insights into sales forecasting to optimize your business performance.
  • Budget Planning: Gain expert guidance on budget planning to ensure financial stability and growth.
  • Management Planning: Access resources to help streamline your management planning for optimal efficiency.

The partnership between NFFS and ITR Economics exemplifies a shared commitment to support businesses within the non-ferrous foundry industry, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to navigate challenges and seize opportunities effectively.

NFFS members can start leveraging the Economics Portal's wealth of resources above by visiting www.nffs.org/economics. (Note: You must be signed in to your NFFS member account.) If you have questions or need assistance, contact NFFS.