Attention HR! “Winning the War for Talent” webinar now available on demand

Posted By: Erin Russell NFFS,

Now Hiring signIf you're a hiring manager, a company leader, or a member of the Human Resources team at your company, this is for you!

The recording of the April 12th webinar "Winning the War for Talent" is now available. With his unique perspective and actionable advice, presenter Chris Czarnik explains how you can (and must!) effectively sell your company to today's workers.

Note that this webinar is available only to employees of NFFS member companies. If your company is a NFFS member, you will need to log in to access the webinar below. If you are not yet a member, go here for more information about joining.   


Headshot of Chris Czarnik

"Winning the War for Talent"
Chris Czarnik, 
Author, Speaker, and Creator of the Human Search Engine

There isn’t an organization out there that hasn’t struggled to fill open positions with the best people possible. And once you have them, how do you keep them? "Winning the War for Talent" addresses the challenges of today’s job market and reveals how your organization can adapt in order to recruit, retain, and develop your employees.

Recruiting is no longer as easy as posting jobs on a job board and waiting for the resumes to pile in. Starting with creating a sales-minded HR team, Chris Czarnik, creator of the groundbreaking Human Search Engine process for job seekers and a twenty-year veteran of HR and operations management, lays out the foundation for making your company the one people want to work for.

Retaining your top talent once you have them is easy, right? Not quite. Czarnik identifies the primary reasons great employees leave and how you can prevent that from happening at your company. Leave with an actionable plan to keep your employees invested in their growth and a plan on how to identify and recruit new employees for your foundry.