NFFS creates new Lead Working Group

Posted By: Jerrod Weaver Health & Safety, NFFS,

The Non-Ferrous Founders' Society (NFFS) has announced the formation of a new Lead working group. The working group will review the lead concentrations typically found in nonferrous foundry alloys and how those typical reported levels may affect a foundry's responsibilities to report their release within the EPA Form 313 (R Form). Based upon the results of the working group, the Society will determine if one or more user tools need to be created to assist its members with determining the need to file R forms with the EPA.

The working group will meet beginning later this month, and plans to meet monthly until their efforts are concluded. The group will be led by Jerrod Weaver, NFFS Executive Director, and presently the group includes representatives from Trialco, Beck Aluminum and Federal Metal. Additional participants are welcome and participation is open to all NFFS member foundries. To participate, contact with LEAD in the subject line.