The August 2023 NFFS Economic Advisor is now available

Posted By: Erin Russell Economics, NFFS,

economic chart

The August 2023 NFFS Economic Advisor is now available for NFFS members.

In this issue:
  • Macroeconomic Outlook: "While consumer and business-to-business spending trends are above the year-ago level, the economy is slowing... Our expectation is for a mild recession for the overall economy in 2024...”
  • Leading Indicator Snapshot: "Numerous economic headwinds suggest that the annual rate-of-change for US Industrial Production is likely to continue declining into 2024."
  • Manufacturing Industry Analysis: "Annual U.S. Total Manufacturing Production is mildly declining..."
  • A Closer Look: The US Economy: "'Noise' is likely to increase as the political season picks up. Do not equate headlines with economic fundamentals..."
  • And more!


The NFFS Economic Advisor provides economic data that is sourced and compiled on a monthly basis by ITR Economics for members of NFFS. It provides leading indicator trend data and relevant economic news to assist foundries with their internal economic analyses and business planning.