Environmental Resources

Area MACT Standard Resources

On June 13, 2008 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued final national air toxics standards for smaller-emitting sources, known as area sources, for nine metal fabrication and finishing source categories.These standards affect any new or existing facility that performs metal fabrication or finishing operations which uses or emits compounds of cadmium, chromium, lead,manganese, and nickel; or uses or emits elemental forms of all except lead. The rule covers area sources in nine different industries, including non-ferrous foundries. Resources are available for the 4Z rule (RICE), 6Z rule (nonferrous foundries) and 6J rule (industrial boilers).

Regulatory Compliance Hotline for NFFS Members

Have you ever had a safety or environmental question, and wished you could call someone for a quick answer? NFFS has you covered! Joseph A. Guimond & Associates has worked with NFFS members for over 25 years as OSHA and EPA Compliance Specialists. Skip and Martha Guimond are well known as industry experts in providing no-nonsense compliance assistance and advice. They are available to assist NFFS members with specific regulatory questions or problems via the NFFS Regulatory Compliance Hotline. All conversations are private and confidential.