Securing foundry equipment financing: A step-by-step guide

Posted By: Erin Russell Industry,

Published by King Commercial Capital

Equipment financing enables you to acquire the equipment and technology your business needs without using up your hard earned working capital or business credit line. Like you, King Commercial Capital knows that equipping your business with the right equipment and technology should help increase sales, improve efficiency and make a tremendous improvement in your bottom line. Here at King Commercial Capital, we also know equipment and technology are extensions of your company’s brand, and therefore play an important role in how your company is perceived by your customers and prospects. So, before you spend a large amount of your hard earned capital on an equipment purchase, let King Commercial Capital show you how much you can save with an equipment leasing program designed for your business.

King Commercial Capital is a trusted equipment finance broker and, since 2020, a member of the Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society (NFFS). Both organizations share the same values and objectives of advancing the non-ferrous foundry industry.

This step-by-step guide helps you navigate the process of securing foundry equipment financing through King Commercial Capital:

1. Get Your Quote: Secure a detailed quote for your desired foundry equipment from your chosen supplier. It should include pricing, specifications, and delivery timelines.

2. Discuss Your Options: Connect with a King Commercial Capital representative to discuss your preferred financing structure. They can offer solutions based on your business needs and the specific project requirements.

3. Prepare Your Financial Package: A representative will guide you on the documents needed for your application, tailored to your situation. This typically includes information like business finances, credit history, and relevant projections.

4. Initial Review and Clarifications: King Commercial Capital will meticulously review your submission and reach out if they need any clarifications to ensure complete understanding.

5. Underwriter Evaluation: Once your request and financial health are clarified, your application goes to an experienced underwriter for a thorough evaluation.

6. Underwriting Discussions (if necessary): Conference calls with the underwriter may be scheduled if they need further insight into specific aspects of your application.

7. Decision and Proposal: If your application is approved, you’ll receive a formal foundry equipment financing proposal outlining the terms and conditions.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly obtain the financing needed to upgrade your foundry with cutting-edge equipment and fuel your business growth.

King Commercial Capital logoAbout King Commercial Capital: King Commercial Capital is not a bank, nor owned by one. As a commercial equipment finance brokerage, we have access to a multitude of different funding sources, both private and institutional. Since we are not bound by the rigid underwriting parameters of banks and other financial institutions, we can offer creative financing solutions tailored to meet our client’s specific equipment and business financing needs. Our goal is to provide businesses with cost-effective and cash-flow-improving financial solutions that are essential to their growth and success. Whether a business needs to purchase new equipment or use owned equipment as collateral to obtain working capital, we can structure a financing plan that suits its unique needs. For more information, visit