North American aluminum production – U.S. down 21.0%

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From a publication of the Aluminum Association (

United States
Based on Aluminum Association surveys, the estimated annual rate of U.S. primary aluminum
production totaled 786.0 thousand metric tons (kmt) during March 2023, a decrease of 21.4 percent
from the March 2022 annual rate of 1,000.2 kmt. Compared to the previous month, the annual rate of
production rose slightly over the February 2023 annual rate of 785.8 kmt. The year-to-date production
rate for 2023 totaled 778.8 kmt, down 21.0 percent from the 2022 year-to-date rate of 985.7 kmt.
Estimated production for the month of March 2023 totaled 66.8 kmt.

This report represents 100 percent of estimated U.S. primary aluminum production during March 2023.

U.S. Aluminum Production March 2023 table and graphCanada
The Aluminium Association of Canada reports that primary aluminium production in Canada in Mars 2023 totalled 272,796 metric tons. The monthly production was up 11.88% in comparison with the month of February 2023. The year-to-date average daily production is 8,739 tons. Compared to last year, the annual projection of production would be up by 5.13%.

March 2023 Aluminum Production - Canada