NFFS re-releases Machine Guarding training and education resources

Posted By: Jerrod Weaver Health & Safety, NFFS,

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), machinery-related accidents are a significant concern in many different manufacturing industries. Inadequate machine guarding can lead to severe injuries, amputations, and even fatalities. Recognizing this, OSHA has stringent regulations in place to ensure the safety of workers around machinery.

With the NFFS Machine Guarding Training Program, NFFS will help equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and effectively implement machine guarding practices in your foundry. Our comprehensive approach includes: 

  • a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes,
  • a training script,
  • employee handouts, and
  • a copy of the relevant OSHA regulations.

Originally published in 2004, the NFFS Machine Guarding Training program student handouts and exam has been updated in 2024. Developed in cooperation with the OSHA Region 5 Area Office, this training program provides the basic fundamentals of machine guarding technologies and techniques and is designed for use by both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries.