Introducing The Crucible, your weekly news brief from NFFS

Posted By: Erin Russell NFFS,

On January 4, 2023, the Non-Ferrous Founders' Society released the inaugural issue of its new weekly news brief, The Crucible. Sent every Wednesday to NFFS members and industry subscribers by email, The Crucible contains a variety of timely articles that are relevant to the foundry industry. 

The Crucible combines the content from the Society's three former monthly newsletters into one weekly news brief, allowing NFFS to better deliver timely, relevant news and information on a regular basis. In addition to the content previously published in the monthly newsletters, including NFFS news, industry news, member news, and more, the new weekly e-newsletter will include links to additional content published through other sources. This content will be strategically sourced using a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and identification by the NFFS staff, to ensure that the newsletter contains articles that are of high quality and that are relevant to the foundry industry.

Subscribers to any of the former NFFS publications (NFFS Notes, Industry Insider, and Economic Advisor) have automatically been added to the distribution list for The Crucible. Subscribers can choose to opt out at any time by editing their communication preferences in your NFFS account, or using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. All issues of The Crucible will be archived online for easy searching and reference.

We encourage subscribers to submit news and articles for inclusion in The Crucible. To submit a story for an upcoming issue of The Crucible, simply email Erin Russell, NFFS Director of Membership and Communications, at