NFFS Academy Course Spotlight: Foundry Cleaning Room Equipment

Posted By: Erin Russell NFFS, Technical,

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Course Spotlight: Foundry Cleaning Room Equipment 

foundry cleaning equipmentThe Foundry Cleaning Room Equipment course gives foundry employees and other interested individuals basic knowledge of the tools and equipment most commonly used in foundry cleaning rooms to clean castings and remove excess metal.

Member Price through NFFS Academy: $75
Non-Member Price: $180

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the equipment and processes in a foundry cleaning room.
  2. Understand the principle of operation of the various tools and equipment used for the cleaning process.
  3. Understand the applications of the various tools and equipment used for the cleaning process.
  4. Classify the cleaning equipment and processes based on their mode of operation.
  5. Recognize the similarities and differences of the various cleaning processes.

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Sample slides from Foundry Cleaning Equipment course