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Increased OSHA Enforcement Activity in the Foundry Industry

Friday, October 18, 2019   (0 Comments)
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OSHA appears to have begun a cycle of focused inspections in the primary metals industry, with foundries squarely on their radar. NFFS has learned of at least five different OSHA inspections in ferrous and non-ferrous foundries in the past two weeks, which is more than were identified in the past two months. The focus of these inspections is wide ranging, but there is an emphasis on compliance with the respirable crystalline silica standard and related provisions addressing items such as respirators, medical surveillance, air sampling, and employee training.

The foundry industry is subject to several targeted National Emphasis Programs (NEPs) by OSHA, including those addressing primary metal industries, combustible dust, lead, crystalline silica, amputations, and more. While it is possible that several of the identified foundry inspections by OSHA fall within one or more NEP, it is also possible that OSHA has targeted the industry for reasons other than one or more of the NEPs.

How can you, or should you, prepare for an OSHA inspection? Does your foundry understand how to manage a situation where OSHA shows up unannounced at your business requesting access to your facility for review? Does your business have an entry policy detailing who is authorized to admit OSHA inspectors into your foundry and under what conditions? Are your employee sampling records readily available, as well as the required employee training records and certifications, where required?

Given the increased OSHA enforcement activity over the past several weeks, NFFS is holding an important NFFSummit Webinar on October 29, 2019 to help foundries manage the OSHA inspection process and to ensure that you are aware of how to be prepared for any unannounced visit.

This webinar, titled “Preparing for an OSHA Visit and Inspection,” has been developed to help foundries understand the step-by-step decisions that are required by your business when OSHA arrives. Being prepared can sometimes mean the difference between a clean inspection and an inspection that results in citations for violating OSHA standards. Webinar attendees will be provided with not only important updates on enforcement activities by OSHA, but also with template documents to help manage the OSHA inspection process. Please do not dismiss the seriousness of this increased industry scrutiny!

Visit to register for the October 29th webinar.

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