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About the Integrated Casting Order Network (ICON)
ICON is derived from one of the most successful and award-winning programs in recent years through the American Metalcasting Consortium (AMC), the Procurement Solutions Network for Castings. 

This web-based resource was created to simplify the procurement process for cast parts, leveraging the integration of a tooling database that cataloged the location of existing defense-related patterns, a casting supplier database of those foundries that manufacture parts for the defense industry, and a solicitation review process to quickly identify government procurements for cast components and direct them to capable metal casting facilities.


Who should participate and what are the benefits to participating organizations?  
ICON is the result of a unique partnership between the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and the foundry industry. ICON helps drive a procurement solution to buyers responsible for acquiring the replacement parts needed by our nation’s defense and military customers, domestic foundries and die casters.

It drives value to stakeholders by providing innovative procurement solutions for defense and military related metal castings. For example, ICON uses a comprehensive industry capabilities database, and the nation’s largest database of foundry defense and military related tooling, to accurately direct bid requests from DLA to foundries who have existing tooling, or who may not have tooling but are capable of manufacturing that component.

The resultant goal is to assist DLA in the re-establishment of some of the diminished availability of supply chain parts. ICON has made a major contribution to reducing the administrative and production lead times (ALT/PLT) in acquiring replacement metal castings, many times at a lower total cost to the government by utilizing existing tooling and available industry capacity.