NFFS Signs Joint Letter to Congress Asking for Coronavirus-Related Liability Protections for Workplaces

The Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society joined the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and over 250 other associations in signing a May 3rd letter addressed to Congress requesting an expansion of ‘Good Samaritan’ liability protections to essential workplaces operating during the Coronavirus crisis. The following is an excerpt from the letter:

“Our associations represent the tens of millions of women and men in America working in essential industries that have been called upon to continue operating to support our nation’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. Our member companies are doing their best to serve the public interest, protect our communities and minimize harm to the American people during these uncertain times. Yet because they have remained operational during times of remarkable legal uncertainty, they risk becoming the targets of coronavirus-related lawsuits that will ultimately do nothing to reduce the spread of this disease or address the suffering that Americans have endured because of it. Congress must act to ensure that such misguided litigation does not derail our recovery.

Companies that have continued to operate to serve the public have confronted new and difficult legal questions every day. Federal and state rules and guidance on how to operate during this crisis have evolved rapidly and at times have created legitimate confusion over even ordinarily simple tasks like cleaning a work site. Businesses reopening in the coming weeks will soon face these questions as well. In the face of such uncertainty, our members consistently strive to do the right thing, continually implementing new safety protocols to reduce the risk of transmission among employees and the public in response to updated guidance from the CDC, OSHA and state authorities. Companies doing their best to control the spread of this disease with the limited guidance available deserve legal protection. Congress should not allow good actors to be held liable for events beyond their control.

By providing limited and rational safe harbors for good actors, Congress can help ensure that the critical needs of the American people are met during this time of crisis and enable the continued operation of critical infrastructure.”

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