Audit CommitteeMission: To provide confidence in the Society's monthly and annual financial reports through the review of the accounting systems and financial documentation on file in the Society's offices.AUDITCOMMITTEE/AUDIT
Board of DirectorsThe Board shall consist of a maximum of twenty-five (25) Directors plus three officers (President, Vice-President and Treasurer). The Board shall determine the Society's policies or changes therein within the limits of the bylaws, shall actively prosecute its purposes and mission, and shall direct the collection and disbursement of its funds.BOARDCOMMITTEE/BOARD
Bylaws CommitteeMission: To draft and present any amendments and/or revisions of the Society bylaws to the membership for approval and adoption.BYLAWSCOMMITTEE/BYLAWS
Executive CommitteeThe Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, the Immediate Past President and three other Directors. The Executive Committee is charged with the active management of the Society in the intervals between Board meetings and shall carry the full authority and power to act for the Board.EXCOMMCOMMITTEE/EXCOMM
Finance CommitteeMission: To assist with the development and oversight of the Society's annual operating budget to provide a sound and financially stable organization with sufficient resources to fund its continuing activities and adequate reserves to weather occasional or unexpected difficulties.FINANCECOMMITTEE/FINANCE
Government Affairs CommitteeMission: To identify key regulatory and legislative issues having the potential to affect foundries prior to their enactment and provide a cost-effective means of expressing the industry's concerns and interests to the appropriate government agencies/officials on a timely basis.GOVTAFFCOMMITTEE/GOVTAFF
Membership CommitteeMission: To identify and actively recruit potential new members by promoting the benefits of Society membership to senior management of non-ferrous foundries throughout North America.MEMBERSHIPCOMMITTEE/MEMBERSHIP
Nominating CommitteeMission: To assure continued strength of leadership for the Society by identifying, vetting, and presenting a slate of candidates to fill all vacancies slated to occur on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee not less than seven days prior to the board meeting held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.NOMINATINGCOMMITTEE/NOMINATING
Planning CommitteeMission: To review and evaluate the goals and objectives set forth in the long range plan, assess the current needs and interests of member foundries and the value and effectiveness of existing Society programs in meeting those needs, and to suggest modifications and/or revisions to the long range plan as may be required.PLANNINGCOMMITTEE/PLANNING
Program CommitteeMission: To assist in identifying speakers and topics for the Society's Annual Meeting and other conferences and/or workshops as needed, and to promote the tangible benefits and value of attending the Annual Meeting to members and non-members.PROGRAMCOMMITTEE/PROGRAM
Scholarship CommitteeMission: To manage the NFFS Scholarship program the the Foundry Educational Foundation, including both the selection of scholarship recipients and additional fundraising as required.SCHOLARSHIPCOMMITTEE/SCHOLARSHIP